5-Year Infrastructure Plan

  1. Road Projects
  2. Bridge Projects

5-Year Roadway Infrastructure Plan

The cost of each projects listed is an estimate only and used for budget purposes.  

This list  will be updated annually.


Fulton Street Culvert Replacement & Road Resurfacing (Lockwood to Wilcox)$    187,500
Nissen Road Rehabilitation Project (Norfolk and Southern to SR #579)$    300,000
Russell Road Culvert Replacement$    110,000
Oak Harbor Southeast Road Rehabilitation (SR #19 to SR #53)$ 2,671,300
Fostoria Road Rehabilitation (Walbridge East to Curtice East & West)$   740,900
Camp Perry East$     30,000
Striping / Reclamite / Misc Patch$    410,000


Langram Road Resurfacing (Township Portion, to Put-In-Bay Village)$   775,000
West Catawba Road Rehabilitation (Phase 3) (SR #53 to Sand Road)$   500,000
Elmore Eastern Road Reconstruction (SR #590 to Wolf Creek)$   300,000
Nissen Road Rehabilitation (Pennsylvania RR to Norfolk Southern RR)$   500,000


Moline Martin Road Ditch Enclosure (Schessler Ditch)$  375,000
Moline Martin Road Rehabilitation (Nissen Road to Elliston Trowbridge Road)$   325,000
Bolander Road Rehabilitation (Moline-Martin to Trowbridge Road)$   225,000
Genoa-Clay Center Road Resurfacing (Genoa city limits to county line)$   150,000
Church Road Improvement Project (Bay Shore Road to SR #163)$   575,000


Toussaint South Road Improvement Project (SR 163 to railroad)$   300,000
Lockwood Road Resurfacing (Fulton Street to Plasterbed Road)$   475,000
Nissen Road Resurfacing (SR #163 to Pennsylvania Line RR)$   400,000
Moline-Martin Road Improvement Project (SR #51 to Genoa-Clay Center Road)$   650,000


Under Development