(WIC) Women, Infants & Children

We are excited to announce that WIC nutrition education now has a virtual option! Please click the link on the right that says "Nutrition Education Information" and read through the information.  Then, please click on the "Nutrition Education Survey" link on the right to complete the survey for your quarterly nutrition education. Once the survey is complete, your answers will be submitted and you can come in to have your WIC benefits card loaded. If you do not wish to complete the education before your nutrition education visit, you can read the information when you arrive and fill out a paper survey for nutrition education.  A computer will also be available in the clinic if you want to complete the survey in person electronically. We look forward to seeing everyone in person in the clinic again! 

Ohio WIC Program Income Guidelines

  • In order to be eligible for WIC, the gross countable income of the economic unit, of which the applicant/participant is a member, must be less than or equal to the Ohio WIC program income guidelines for economic unit size provided in the following chart. WIC income guidelines are updated each year.
  • Note: A pregnant woman counts as more than one family member. A person who currently receives Medicaid, Food Stamps, or Ohio Works First (OWF) will automatically meet the income eligibility criteria for WIC.
Ohio Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program
Economic UnitAnnuallyMonthlyWeekly

Revised July 2021

What benefits will I receive?

The benefits that you will receive will be loaded onto an EBT card. Once these benefits are loaded at the WIC clinic you can use the card to then purchase foods that same day, anywhere in Ohio! Below you can see the monthly benefits available to each group:

Pregnant WomenInfantsChildrenBreastfeeding WomenPostpartum Women
Milk/Yogurt/Cheese up to 5.5 gallons of milkInfant FormulaMilk/Yogurt/Cheese Up to 4 gallons of milkMilk/Yogurt/Cheese Up to 6 gallons of milkMilk/Yogurt/Cheese up to 4 gallons of milk
Fruit and Vegetable VoucherBaby foods (starting at 6 months old) Fruit and Vegetable VoucherFruit and Vegetable VoucherFruit and Vegetable Voucher
Whole Grains
Whole GrainsWhole GrainsWhole Grains
Peanut Butter, Beans, or Both
Peanut Butter, Beans, or Both
Peanut Butter, Beans, or Both
Peanut Butter, Beans, or Both