1. Driveway Permit
  2. Existing Driveway Permit
  3. Road Crossing Permits
  4. Moving Permit
  5. Special Permit
  6. Storm Sewer Tap Permit
  7. Curtain Drain Outlet Permit

Driveway Permit

Any person wishing to install a driveway, install or replace a culvert pipe, or excavate along any County or Township Highway, is required to obtain a Driveway Permit (PDF). This permit is also used for the installation of a culvert pipe in a ditch (public ditches and those on private property) or along any public water course.

Driveway Installation

When installing a driveway or filling in a ditch along a County or Township Highway, no surface water may be directed toward the road. This could cause ponding of water on the roadway and a create a safety hazard. 

Concrete driveways shall be kept back to the right-of-way limits.

Submission & Fee

  • Only the property owner (applicant) may sign and pay for this permit
  • Applicants must pay a $100 permit fee

Permit Application